Confessions of a Barre Addict

It’s been over a year since I’ve attended my first barre class. Not only have I become obsessed with waking up almost every morning and going to barre, but I have learned just how capable my body is of being able to push farther than I ever imagined.


Every time I walk into the studio, I take a deep breath, look at myself in the mirror, and quietly tell myself why I decided to come. Setting that intention helps power me through the urge to give up when a pose begins to burn (and they do!)


I’ve learned that barre is one of the fastest ways to change your body. The low impact, isometric movements are designed to produce results, strengthening and toning your body in ways no other technique can. I attend class five times a week and my arms, abs, butt, and legs have totally transformed. I’m not alone either, there is a lot of evidence to support that barre can “improve posture, tone and strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility.”


Barre benefits me both physically and mentally. Barre is the only fifty minutes of the day where I completely feel at ease. I am completely focused on my body and present in the moment. Nothing like burning thighs to take your mind off things! Not only does my stress vanish during the class, but I carry those positive thoughts and determined mindset with me throughout the day. Whenever I start to feel stressed, I focus on my breath and remind myself that I am stronger than I think.

-Emily Simmonds, contributing writer