Gift Ideas For The Fitness-Enthusiast In Your Life

Easy Care Package or Fitness Gift Ideas

With  many families separated on holidays and other milestones, it can be a challenge to find great gift ideas to send from afar.  Snacks and treats are always fun gifts, but if your loved one is into fitness, you want to make sure you give something that fits their healthy lifestyle.

Look no further! We have rounded up a selected of delicious and healthy, gift-able treats available on a curated marketplace of high quality food and beverages that meet transparency and clean label standards.

These snacks and beverages are perfect for a fitness enthusiast. Some are the ideal treat after a workout to help fight inflammation and promote muscle recovery, others can be consumed part way through a workout for a much needed energy boost.  All are delicious! Pick a few and put together a care package, or choose one you think they will love and gift a subscription order!



Crispy Marshmallow Protein Treat - Vanilla 

"In a sea of sugary snack bars with not so “natural” flavors, these soft-baked Marshmallow Crispy Treats have 40% less sugar than the leading snack bar and more protein than two eggs. This is your crunchy, chewy, sweet-craving-satisfyer, complete with fiber, organic coconut oil, prebiotics and only 140 calories. Meet the first protein bar you’ll actually look forward to eating."

Why a fitness-enthusiast will love it? It's all the good of a protein bar in a crispy rice treat!  What is not to love?


Hydrating Ginger Recovery Drink - Watermelon + Blood Orange 

"Why it's delicious: Ripe watermelon with a bold rush of blood orange adds a juicy twist to the perky ginger. Sophisticated and exotic, a kiss of summer heat.

Why it's good for you: We perfectly blend juices with hydrating tree-water, a hint of wildflower honey, and our signature dose of organic ginger—clinically proven to support muscle recovery, digestion, and immunity.

Watermelon for the wellness win! Watermelon juice contains cucurbitacin E, a plant compound known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects."  

Why a fitness-enthusiast will love it? It's unique ginger kick gives your body a hydrating boost that is perfect for after a workout or for a mid-afternoon boost. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory that supports muscle recovery.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Energy Bites 

"Remember when you couldn't wait for mom's cookies to finish baking as a kid and you just HAD to sample the dough? Well Unwrapp'd doesn't use eggs, so don't hold back."

Why a fitness-enthusiast will love it? Healthy energy bites with the indulgence of cookie dough.  They are the ultimate workout motivator.




Chocolate Raspberry Krisp Protein Bar

"The chocolate raspberry flavor combination is a true classic. Why? Because the bright burst of berry flavor that makes your mouth water finds an irresistible counterpoint in rich, sweet chocolate. With an added crunch element, Keto Krisp protein bars make a snack feel like a meal. So you’ll find that this recipe delivers a one-two-three punch – first the cocoa flavor hits you with its comforting sweet umami, then the berries rise up and razzle dazzle your tongue with subtle tartness, and finally, the textured whey crisps crunch delightfully in your teeth.

Our goal was to make a bar that honors chocolate lovers with a snack that’s as tasty as their favorite guilty pleasure, but to balance it beautifully with protein and fiber to achieve a net carb total of only 5. Fuel your day with this delicious blend of healthy fat, protein and energy without any compromise on flavor."

Why a fitness-enthusiast will love it? Keto-friendly and full of flavor. 



Whole Bean Organic Coffee - Tolima Especial, Colombia

"This blend is "Especial" because it's comprised of the best of the best beans from the ASOTBILBAO group's recent harvest in Colombia. Canyon Coffee suggests that the most healthy way to consume coffee is black, without added sugar or milk. With a sweet, clear flavor this blend maintains a creamy body while providing notes of chocolate, nougat and stone fruit. 

Coffee is an incredible source of antioxidants and thousands of other compounds that collectively have been attributed to reducing risks of cancer, improving heart health and brain function. Coffee's caffeine content is also known to reduce inflammation."

Why a fitness-enthusiast will love it? Carefully crafted to taste amazing with nothing added, perfect for those following a keto diet or who are true coffee aficionados.


Snickerdoodle Protein Bites 

"A pinch of sweet, a dash of spice, and a whole lotta nice. Snickerdoodle is probably one of the most underrated flavors, so Siren Snacks decided to give it the love and attention it deserves using fresh ground cinnamon and plant-based protein in every bite."

Why a fitness-enthusiast will love it? Delicious protein bites with plant-based ingredients in a hard to find flavor.  Works like a protein bar, tastes like desert. We are in!

More to Love

This is just the beginning.  Bubble Goods has an amazing marketplace of delicious, healthy beverage and snacks all of which have been vetted through a rigorous process. So whether you are searching for the perfect Father's Day gift for the guy who has everything (including a home gym) or a sweet surprise for a wellness-minded graduate, you can find something they will love.  

As former camp counselors, we also have a huge soft spot for care packages.  They remind us of the boundless joy of receiving one as a camper and the epic indulgence of forbidden treats.  If you have friends struggling with the social-isolation of quarantine, or you want to show a frontline worker your appreciation, a care package a lovely way to send a little love.  

What Makes a Product Bubble Approved?

Here is a little more on Bubble's criteria: 


We look at the labels so you don’t have to. Each BUBBLE Approved good is truly clean label.

Products on BUBBLE contain:

• Whole fruits, grains, and vegetables
• Some added natural sweeteners: whole fruit juices, honey, maple, coconut sugar . . . etc. 

Products on BUBBLE do NOT and will never contain:

• Refined or artificial sugars
Preservatives, fillers, or gums
• Artificial dyes
• Trans fats or hydrogenated oils


    It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it! BUBBLE Approved goods are not only good for you, they are also tasted by BUBBLE’s team and community of experts to ensure that they are delicious and the tastiest of its kind. Just because it’s healthy, doesn't mean it has to taste like cardboard ;)

    Innovative Category Leaders:

    We look for the game changers — products that are best in class and reflect BUBBLE’s beliefs for transparency and a new food system.

    Sourced and Produced Responsibly:

    A thorough background check that each food maker is food safe certified and practicing ethical and sustainable sourcing to create their products.