Apartment-Friendly, Affordable Home Workout Equipment

Whether your New Year's Resolution is to get rid of the Quarantine 15, to get stronger or just to build healthier habits, investing in home workout equipment can be a great way to stick to your goals.

Don't worry, we know how expense gym equipment can be and how much space it can take up. Here is a list of home exercise equipment that will allow you to get a great workout, even in a tiny Manhattan studio.  Each piece of workout equipment is under $50 and can be easily tucked away.

 1. Resistance Loop Bands

Resistance bands are great for targeting muscles and they let you challenge yourself as much as you want.  They also help improve strength, stretching and mobility.  Add them to barre workouts and you will definitely feel the burn (and see the results.)

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 2. Gliding Discs

Gliding discs are perfect for core and balance training. They are also compact and very inexpensive. Try them for mountain climbers or to take your planking to the next level.Find them now on Amazon! 

 3. Ankle and Wrist Weights

Weights are a great way to add extra resistance to your work out. Ankle weights help target legs and hip muscles when exercising and allow you to get more from your workout. Wear them on your neighborhood walks or during a cardio session.  These Bala Bangles add a designer twist, so you can strengthen in style.

Image @bala

Bala Bangles

4. Slam Ball

Slam balls can help workout your entire body. They can help improve overall athletic performance and strength.  They are great for high intensity training and full body workouts. (Note, your downstairs neighbors may not love it if you really put the Slam in Slam Ball, but there are tons of exercises you can do without dropping the ball.)

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5. Kettlebell

A kettlebell is a little more compact than a slam ball and can be used for adding resistance to ab workouts and for many kettle-bell specific, total-body workouts.  This versatile piece of equipment can take your home workouts to the next level.  There are tons of youtube videos to get you started.

photo @caromareike

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These pieces of equipment are all compact and budget-friendly.  If you are getting back in to a routine, we recommend finding some online classes that can get you inspired and committing to a consistent schedule of at least 15-20 minutes every day.  Check out our article on Online Workouts You Can Do at Home.

Let us know if you found any of these helpful and share it with friends! Send us a note info@recoupbeverage.com