Momentum Challenge: Setting your Theme for 2021

At recoup, our mission is to help people feel better and live well.  We know that wellness is as much mental and it is physical.  We feel our best when our bodies are healthy and our mindset is positive and focused.

The Power of Momentum

This time of year, a lot of people start to talk about New Year’s Resolutions.  With the added turmoil of 2020, it’s easy to imagine that everything will be automatically better on January 1st, 2021.  We love the optimism of the New Year, the power of a new beginning, but we also know that habits take time to build and there is nothing more powerful than momentum.

With this is mind, we are using the last 10 days of 2020 to build momentum into the New Year. 

Challenge 1: Set Your Theme for the New Year

The first challenge is to set your main goal or theme for the New Year.  This is a broad mantra that you can reflect upon for inspiration, or to help you with a decision.  Your theme should be broad and in the direction of what you want for your year

A Few Ideas/Thought-starters for Themes:














How to create your theme:

  1. Think through the past year and write down the things that were missing for you. 2020 was a pretty unique year, so you may even think back to before the pandemic and focus on what you wanted and longed for (deeper friendships, more success at work, better self-talk…)
  2. Make a list of what you would like to accomplish in 2021. Big and small.
  3. Ask yourself “what do you need to feel in order to accomplish these things?” List out the ways that you want to feel that will set you up to achieve your goals (confident, balanced, grateful…)
  4. Review your list from step 3 and find a word that resonates, and you believe will empower you. Visualize your year and how you will feel if this word is your theme.  Imagine some of the actions you will take if you hold yourself to this theme.

An example of a theme: Fearlessness

Let’s say you chose fearlessness as your theme. Maybe you are someone who tends to hang back and wait for things to happen, or hesitates to take the lead at work or in a relationship.  If fearlessness if your theme, you start to focus on all the ways something can work out, on the risk you take by not acting, or the opportunities that you have been ignoring. Maybe you call that crush, ask for that promotion, apply for the job that’s a stretch or start that side hustle.  Your default may be to focus on the downside or the risk, but with a theme of fearlessness you choose to see the upside and take the leap.  When you are hesitant, you think back to your theme and use it to hold yourself accountable.

"The Year of Yes"

I met someone in business school who had decided to make his theme “the year of yes.” He had been naturally introverted and tended to say no to social engagements that were outside his comfort zone. That year he decided to do it differently; If he was invited somewhere he said yes, if he was asked to volunteer he said yes, if he someone needed a favor, it was always yes.  He said not only did it open him up to incredible experiences, new friendships and unexpected travel, it changed the way he thought about his own time and ability.  He saw opportunity everywhere and realized there was room in his life for so much more of everything.

Your Partners in Wellness

At recoup, we are partners with you on your wellness journey.  We love to share insights, tips, personal stories and of course great products to help keep you on track towards your goals.  We practice what we preach, so we will be choosing our themes for the year and holding ourselves accountable as well. Stay tuned for updates!

With the momentum challenge we will also share small tasks/workouts as friendly reminders to get moving towards your goals.  Feel free to reach out, share your story or let us know how you are doing!

Susan and Siwat