Unique NYC Fitness Classes to Break Up Your Routine

Exercise can look different for each and every person. Once you find a workout that works, it is easy to get caught in the same routine. There are so many ways to move your body, exploring your options can not only be fun but can lead you to something you never thought you'd enjoy. New York City is a great place to try out different ones because of the multitude of workout classes offered for all athletic levels. Starting with hot yoga this article takes you through many of the workout classes you might not have thought of taking to push your body to new limits. 


Hot Yoga at Modo Yoga NYC

Modo Yoga is a hot yoga studio focusing on six main ideas: accessibility, community, sustainability, health, peace, and curiosity.  They have two beautiful studios in NYC in Williamsburg and the West Village. With a multitude of different classes and teachers, each practitioner can decide what feels best for them. If you like a peaceful transition from a busy week, a restore and reset class might be the perfect addition to your Friday afternoon..Or start the weekend with a bang with a core-focused flow!  We love their mission and vibe, here is a bit about them in their own words "We are a community of inspired students, joined together by our love of yoga, our commitment to protecting the earth, and our drive to bring more peace into the world. We are a place for all. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced student, we offer accessible classes that are challenging, healthy and fun!"

If you can't go in studio, check out their online classes and use our special discount off your first month. Take 20% off your first month of our Monthly Unlimited Membership on Modo Yoga NYLA TV.  Use code RECOUPMYNYLATV at checkout to redeem this offer. 


 Reformer Pilates at SLT 

SLT stands for strengthen–lengthen–tone and is just a 50-minute class with locations in New York, Boston, and Connecticut. In this class, you will be using the Pilates reformer machine to move your body in a slower, more controlled manner. This class focuses on increasing the strength of those tiny muscles that may get neglected in your "typical" weight-training-focused regime. The counter-resistance of these reformer machines is designed to make your muscles shake and challenge your body as a whole. 


[solidcore] is another reformer pilates class in New York, however, through the Equinox app, there are a multitude of workout videos. These videos, unlike the class, only require sliders and a mat which can be super convenient for low equipment, but super tough workout.This class made me feel the strongest I have ever felt with just the sliders and mat alone.This class is high intensity, yet low impact with a similar focus on control. Whether it is aiming to target your lower body or your obliques, there are some core exercises that the class focuses on, such as the plank crunch, elevated v-ups, lunge variations, and row variations. The in-studio class, with loud music and dark lighting, pushes your body to move in a controlled way for a slow burn. This program, as you can guess, is very core-focused.  

Surfing at SurfSet

If you want to try a workout class unlike any you have already, this is the class for you. SURFSET is a workout class for everyone regardless of surfing experience that utilizes a surfboard to strengthen your muscles and stability. With three different options for classes: blend, burn or strength, these dynamic movements not only use your core but raise your heart rate for a great cardio workout. This class allows non surfers to gain all the benefits of the sport without the need for a beach! 


Interval Training at RUMBLE

RUMBLE boxing which was once known for its boxing style class has transitioned to an overall fitness-inspired interval training class. The 50-minute class brings together building resistance through exercises such as squats, crunches, push/pull exercises, and cardio training that utilizes the treadmill in an entirely new way. RUMBLE treadmills can be set to differing athletic abilities, allowing each person to perform sprints as well as what is referred to as "sled" which is pushing against the treadmill resistance. The time breakdown of this class, 10 rounds, 3 minutes rounds is not only unique but challenges your body to work on a new schedule.

Kickboxing at CKO

CKO kickboxing is a great, community-based class that works your entire body in the process. The layout of the NYC studios has multiple punching bags with an instructor who leads the class and walks each person through the different essential boxing exercises. Boxing is not only a great workout, but it is a great option for stress relief. Move your body in a new way while integrating both cardio and skill in one 60-minute class.

Solo Workout at Pier 2

Pier 2 

Are fitness classes not your thing? Do you prefer working out with your own routine and on your own time? If you are looking for the perfect place to workout with some nice scenery and quiet, the pier 2 turf area and playground at Brooklyn Bridge Park are great places to move your body. The layout allows each person to grab their own space to sweat, with the cooling breeze from the Hudson River helping you each step of the way. If you forget your own equipment, no worries! The playground at Pier 2 has similar machines as the gym with equipment such as upper body bars and cardio machines. Now this is the place to break a sweat, and relax at the end of it. 

Whichever workout you choose, make sure you take the proper time to recover and replenish. If you have to travel to your workout, give yourself a bit of time to stretch and rehydrate before you sit on the train for too long. Wrapping up your workout with recoup will help hydrate your body quickly, and show your muscles some love with a clinically proven dose of ginger to support muscle recovery.