Perfect Last-Minute Wellness Gifts

Struggling with gift ideas for your friends or loved ones? With the holidays right around the corner and during the season of giving, it’s the perfect time to give the gift of wellness. 2020 has been a stressful year and we could all use a little self-care and pampering. Here is a list of 5 crowd-pleasing wellness gifts for 2020. 

1. Essential Oil Diffuser 

Oil diffusers provide numerous benefits. They are known to improve sleeping habits, reduce stress and anxiety, boost immunity, control one’s appetite, help with decongestion, as well as provide number of other advantages. Along with a diffuser, gifting the essential oils so they can enjoy the gift right away. Essential oils are available in many different scents, all providing a different experience. Lavender can be calming, orange or bergamot energizing and peppermint focusing.  

Amazon Diffuser 

Eden's Garden Essential Oils (Check out this woman-owned shop for high quality oils.


2. Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blankets are considered to be a type of at-home therapy. Weighted blankets have recently shown positive results for several conditions including insomnia, ADHD, and anxiety. Overall, weighted blankets provide assistance that can reduce feelings of anxiety, and improve sleep troubles while also providing maximum comfort. 

Gravity Blanket 

3. Mindfulness Cards

photo from Instagram: @mindfulcards

Mindfulness cards are one of 2020’s most popular trends. Most people spend a large part of their day on auto-pilot. These cards allow for reflection and mindful awareness. Each individual deck’s goal is to make it easy to bring awareness, calm, and joy to everyday life. This colorful pack of cards can include inspiring quotes or phrases  on one side and a small mindfulness exercise on the other. 

Mindfulness Cards  

4. Stainless Steel Water Bottle


photo from Instagram: @Hydroflask  

A stainless steel water bottle is a great useful gift and with so many companies producing them, you have endless options to choose from. Stainless steel is beneficial because it does not contain the chemicals found in plastics water bottles, so with stainless steel you are avoiding the health risks that come from plastics. Keep your body in check and give the gift of hydration this year!  Hydroflask let's you customize the combinations, so you can personalize your gift with the perfect color combo.


5. Bath Kit 

Who doesn’t love a bath? A bath kit is a great gift to give someone who needs to unwind and take a moment for relaxation. Bath kits are easy to customize, piling in the sudsy favorites, whether it be bath bombs, Himalayan salt, or just their signature scents. A bath kit and bath essentials are pampering favorites that people typically love, but never get for themselves and provide a great time-out for muscle relaxation and de-stressing. If you want to give a larger gift, pair it with a bottle of Champagne, a teak bath tray, or a set of relaxing teas.



Blog post written by: Katie Seccafico