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Recoup started with the mission to help people feel better. We realized that everybody could use a little bit of recovery, whether it was from a heath issue, a hard work out, or a hard day.

Siwat had a tough first few years of life. He was in and out of the hospital and had undergone 10 major surgeries before his 12th birthday. His mother, always focused on helping him feel better and live a normal life, made him ginger concoctions to help with his digestion, nausea and overall recovery. It was these home remedies that first inspired Siwat to create recoup. He experienced the benefits of ginger first-hand and wanted to create a product that would help people undergoing treatment or in need of physical recovery. With a background in Applied Exercise Physiology, he reviewed the available medical research and discovered many of the studies used a dose of 2tsp of ginger. From there he developed the first recoup recipes in the very tiny kitchen of his Manhattan studio. After a year of recipe tweaking with friends and family the first small productions of recoup moved to an industrial kitchen.

Susan was introduced to Siwat by a mutual friend. As an avid athlete, Susan loved the product and appreciated the muscle recovery and anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger. She was fed up with fitness drinks that were loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Most sports drinks are made for football practice, not fitness and she wanted something that she could feel good about drinking after a yoga class or surf session. With a background in natural products and brand innovation, she saw an opportunity to serve wellness-minded people and build a brand that championed recoup’s central mission: help people feel better.

Together we developed the new recipe for recoup with more delicious, sophisticated flavors and the same great ginger kick recoup fans love. We are excited to share the new recoup with fans in our NYC home and all over the country. Stay tuned to hear more about our journey.


Siwat & Susan

Siwat Siengsanaoh, co-founder of recoup, smiling for his headshot picture on a park bench
Susan Buckwalter, co-founder of recoup, smiling for her headshot picture in front of a lake

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What we believe

A pair of fitness enthusiasts planking in a peaceful park

be balanced

When it comes to health and wellness we believe in balance. Eat that ice cream, drink champagne, sleep in, but also run the extra lap, do one more rep, listen to your body and find what leads you to your best life. We love to share viewpoints, advice and ideas, but at the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to choose how we live well.

be real

We use real ingredients that you can pronounce and we believe real is better. Unlike many in the industry, we do not use artificial flavors or colors in our products.

be connected

At recoup, we think you feel better when you are connected: connected to yourself, connected to the Earth and connected to each other. 

connected to self

In busy modern times we often push our bodies and minds past the limits of what is healthy. Sometimes we don’t even notice, but stress manifests itself in different ways: tension headaches or stomach aches. By connecting to yourself you can listen to your body, take catalogue of what is on your mind and connect your spirit (however you define it) to what fulfills you. Whether it is practicing yoga, pilates or meditation, connecting to your breath and focusing your attention and energy can give you greater self-awareness. We designed recoup to be a drink that engages all your senses and fires up your body. 

To learn more about how our co-founder, Siwat, feels about staying connected to self click here.

connected to the Earth

Connecting to the Earth can take many forms. It can be as simple as taking off your shoes in Bryant Park and feeling grass between your toes. For us at recoup, it means being mindful of how we source ingredients and enthusiastic in our love of nature. 

We also share a passion for the outdoors and want to encourage people to get outside and enjoy nature as a part of their everyday wellness routine. Don’t get us started on the benefits of fresh air and sunshine- look for our upcoming “forest bathing” blog. Whether you connect to the elements through surfing, kitesurfing, skiing, or hiking, recoup can be a part of your post-workout recovery. 

We respect the earth and we ensure that our flagship ingredients: tree water and ginger are sustainably sourced and organic. As we grow our business we plan to further develop our sustainable sourcing and help the beverage industry grow in a more positive way that is good for the environment. Our tree water comes from local New York State farms and we are proud to help support a region that has significance for both of our lives.

connected to each other

At recoup, we believe that true connection does not come from a wifi signal. We believe in getting to know our neighbors, being a part of a community and giving back. We believe in calling old friends, challenging each other to try new things and being vulnerable. We know that in order to grow, we need to authentically adapt to the world around us. Although health and wellness can be a very personal journey, we believe we can encourage and learn from one another to be better together.