Recoup Cocktail Recipes

Recoup can make a great, healthy mixer.  Many cocktail mixers are made with high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients, but not recoup!  So swap those sugary concoctions for a perfectly balanced, all-natural alternative with clean ingredients and no processed sugar!

Simple, 1-Step Recipes

The “Hot Summer Night” (Spicy Watermelon-Ginger Margarita) Recipe 

-6oz of Watermelon + Blood Orange recoup

-1.5oz Tequila 

-Mix in a shaker and pour over crushed ice. Salt the rim of the glass with large grain pink Himalayan salt. Garnish with a slice of watermelon and sprig of mint.

The Fresh & Fiery Ginger Fling

-6oz Cucumber + Lemon recoup

-1.5oz gin

-Shake with ice and garnish with a cucumber slice or sprig of rosemary.

The “Instant Vacation” Recipe

-6oz Pineapple + Coconut recoup 

-1.5oz dark rum

-Shake with ice or blend with crush ice and garnish with a wedge of broiled pineapple.

 Hotter Toddy

-6oz Cucumber + Lemon recoup (warmed on the stove or microwave for 1.5 minutes)

-1.5oz whisky

The Island Hopper

-6oz Pineapple + Coconut Recoup

-2oz Tequila

Shake with ice in a cocktail shaker and pour into a glass with a salted rim. Use coarse pink Himilayan salt or sea salt.  Squeeze of lime optional.


Mixology: Multi-ingredient recipes

The “Golden Hour” Recipe

-4oz Pineapple + Coconut recoup 

-1oz fresh lime juice

-2oz ginger kombucha

-2oz tequila

Shake the recoup, tequila and lime juice together over ice. Pour into glass and add the kombucha on top, gently stir to mix. 

The British Mule

-6oz Cucumber + Lemon recoup

-1oz fresh lime juice

-1.5oz Vodka

Shake with ice and serve in a copper cup.