15 Tips to Celebrate Earth Day At Home and Make A Positive Impact

Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!  Although you can't do many of the traditional Earth Day activities, such as fixing up a local park, planting trees or participating in a beach clean-up, there are still so many ways to celebrate and have a positive impact.

Here are 15 ideas to have an impactful Earth Day without leaving the house:

1. Help NASA map the coral reefs at NEMO-Net.

2. Use this form to contact your senator or representative and encourage them to take action on climate change. 

3. Unplug electronics when they are not in use and switch to energy-saving lightbulbs.

4. Take shorter showers, change your ritual to turn off the tap when shampooing or conditioning. 

5. Check out science-focused activities and get some perspective on the Earth and the Universe with NASA's Earth Day at Home.

6. Go paperless on all your bills.

7. Calculate your carbon footprint  and offset it. Check out Sea Trees where you can donate to offset your carbon footprint by planting mangrove trees.

8. Learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint on how to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

9. Support sustainable clothing brands. For sustainable swimwear, we love Sensi Graves Bikinis.  Be mindful when you purchase clothes, asking yourself: A. Do I need it? B. Could I buy something vintage/pre-owned instead?

10. Adopt some houseplants that help purify the air. (Might just make your home environment a little better, but can also keep our relationship to the Earth top of mind.)

11. Switch to sustainable cleaning products for your home.  Check out Blueland which delivers to your door.

12. Set up an online fundraiser to an Earth-related cause you care about.  You can create one via Facebook or FirstGiving.

13. Go vegan or vegetarian for a day, or a few days out of each week.  Understanding the carbon footprint of meat may change the way you think about it.

14. Share this or another Earth Day article with your network and encourage others to take action.

15. Check out earthday.org to join specific initiatives and see more great ideas

We hope everyone can at least get a little bit of fresh air and sunshine today. It is a strange time to be celebrating Earth Day, with coronavirus and COVID-19 concerns, many of us have limited ways to get outside and even enjoy nature today.  However, we all have ways that we can make a difference.

Let us know how you chose to celebrate Earth Day by sending us a note at info@recoupbeverage.com