4 Ways to Take Your Favorite Summer Sport Inside for the Season

As it gets chillier and pumpkin spice season settles in, it can be challenging to keep up with your warm-weather work out routine. Rather than resigning yourself to live under a pile of blankets for the next few months (albeit tempting) try channeling your summer passion indoors.

Running: The marathon is over, now what?

There are still plenty of just-crisp-enough fall days ahead for those that love running outdoors, but it can be easy to find excuses as winter approaches. If you join a gym like Equinox, look for the machines that have scenery scapes and interactive challenges. You can actually see the avatars of other people around the world running on your course.  Fuel your competitive spirit by picking an opponent and keeping pace or passing them. Take that Karen in London!

You can also try Mile High Run Club. Some classes combine interval training, kettlebells and hill work to take you outside the comfort zone of your daily jog. Instructor-led and intensive, it can keep you motivated and fit through holiday party season.

Surfing: Skip the A-train ride

Whether you catch waves at the Rockaways every weekend or you have never been on a board, an indoor surf class is a great workout. Check out Surfset. The emphasis on core and balance exercises helps to sculpt long, lean muscles.  Since it is balance-focused, it can be a great way to cross-train for yoga, barre or Pilates. 

Biking: No helmet needed

This fall, challenge yourself by joining a spin-addicted friend at their favorite studio. SoulCycleFlyWheel, and Swerve have solid cult followings. When you work out with a friend, you can hold each other accountable and keep each other on track towards your goals. 

More of an at-home cyclist? Peloton has a growing pack of enthusiasts and is adding classes and challenges all the time. At over $2000 for a bike, plus a monthly subscription, it is more of a commitment than signing up for a spin class. However, the investment can work as motivation to stick with it. With thousands of 5-star reviews, it's obviously working for some people.

If you feel like you’ve tried every spin class there is, feel free to mix it up with a little aqua cycle at Aqua Studio NY. What now? Aqua cycle is a spin class partially underwater. Saltwater can help flush toxins from your body and is 1000 times thicker than air. The resistance ensures a greater calorie burn. The other bonus? No one can tell how much you’re sweating.

Rowing: Secret society membership not included

Maybe you miss your early mornings on the Charles or you just want to burn a ton of calories before breakfast. Either way, rowing is a great full-body work out that will definitely warm you up on a winter day. Check out The Row House for a total-body, low impact work out that torches calories. They have many different class styles. Some integrate dumbbells or restorative stretching in addition to rowing in order to meet your workout goals. 

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