5 Active Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Shared experiences build stronger relationships and teach you things about your partner that you can't learn sitting across the dinner table.  This Valentine's Day try something a little different...  These active date night ideas are sure to get your heart pumping.

Flying solo this V-Day? Many of these ideas work for Galentine's Day too...


Grab your partner and be prepared to work on balance, strength and body awareness.  Skilled instructors will walk you through the basics and have you "flying" in no time.

Pros: Build trust and communication.  Bond over a fun, out of your comfort zone experience, and learn some new moves you can use later on in the night…

Watch outs: Might be a bit intimate if you just started dating, but it is a great way to break the ice...

Where to do it:  Check out Om Factory near Union Square for special Valentine’s Weekend Classes.

Cost: $$


Take a romantic stroll through the park, pack a thermos with spiked hot chocolate and have a great excuse to hold hands all night.

Pros: Fun and casual date, great for any stage of a relationship.  Watch Serendipity beforehand for all the feels.

Watch outs: Check the weather and ice cleaning times so you don’t get stuck out in the cold.

Where to do it: Wollman Rink


Boxing and Cocktails

Get that heart rate elevated with an intensive cross-training session at GRIT.  The club-like atmosphere and flashing lights will definitely get you revved up for whatever else the night has in store.  Grab a healthy cocktail after class at their in-studio bar featuring an electrolyte margarita and kombucha cocktails/mocktails. 

Pros: Great workout and the class moves so quickly it doesn’t feel like hard work, until the next morning.  Nice locker room with showers, so you can freshen up before your next activity.

Watch outs: The cocktails are so good you might just hang there all night.

Where to do it: GRIT BXING

Cost: $$ (They often have promotions, so consider buying a multipack of classes, you’ll want to go back.)

Chocolate Making

Get a bit messy and learn a new skill. Oh, and eat chocolate.

Pros: The association of chocolate and romance is not just a cultural one, chocolate actually contains amino acids that help with the production of serotonin and dopamine. So treat yourself and let those warm, fuzzy feeling flow.

Watch Outs: I can’t think of any. 

Where to do it: Tache Artisan Chocolate offers custom and private classes, call for a reservation.  Roni-Sue's Chocolates on the Lower East Side has a V-Day Trifecta Class: Chocolate, Cheese and Wine.  Coursehorse.com actually has a ton of cool classes in just about any area you can imagine.


Get Wild After Hours at the Bronx Zoo

Walk the grounds, get up close with the animals and learn about the laws of attraction in the wild. Wine and chocolate is included in the ticket price. The zoo also has a name a roach program for V-Day where you can name a roach after an Ex, (or an S.O. with a good sense of humor.)  I don’t know who came up with this great fundraising program, but we like the out of the gutter thinking. Regardless, with wine, chocolate and furry creatures, our hearts are already melting.

Pros: Definitely memorable. Cute animals!

Watch outs: Exes are never a great topic for Valentine’s Day, so maybe name your roach after fashion trends you regret or boy bands you will love forever.

Where to do it: Bronx Zoo Events

Cost: $$$