Connected to Self: A note from Siwat, recoup co-founder

 One of the most significant pieces of the recoup philosophy is that of connection. We think about connection in three ways:

  • connection to self
  • connection to the Earth
  • connection to others.

For our first blog post, Siwat, recoup co-founder and creator of the original recoup recipe, shares his thoughts on connection to self.

A note from Siwat:

For as long as I can remember I’ve made it a necessity to be in tune with my body, my thoughts and my surroundings. As a child, I had life-threatening issues around nutrient absorption that resulted in several major surgeries. It was extremely important to understand what my body needed, and to listen to my body as I recovered. I can remember how amazing it felt to go from being bed ridden, to gradually walking, to eventually going outside and breathing cool fresh air.

Ginger was a big part of my recovery experience, as my mom would always make ginger concoctions to help me feel better when I got home from the hospital. I created recoup to help share the power of ginger and that amazing rush of feeling “better.”

As an adult, I’m still prone to dehydration and nutrition issues, so I’m always aware, listening for my body to find equilibrium. Human beings are so beautifully complex and I’ve always believed that our bodies have their own way of telling us what needs to change. It’s just a matter of being in tune with yourself.

Over time, I’ve been fortunate to have my health improve dramatically, but that hasn’t stopped me from staying connected to myself. I still listen to my body in order to ensure I am at my best self throughout the day. I strive to stay self-aware in order keep my mind fresh with ideas, focused on the task at hand and present in the moment. By staying connected to yourself, you can listen to your body, take catalogue of what is on your mind and connect your spirit, (however you define it,) to what fulfills you.

We are all busy. Our journey through life moves at such a blistering pace that we often forget to take some time to listen within. recoup recognizes that modern life is a workout and we all need daily recovery.  Let the warmth of ginger be a wake-up call for your body, a delicious reminder to look within, take stock of where you are and start feeling better. Through our product and our content, we are a wellness brand focused on getting you to your best self, and understanding how you feel is the first step towards feeling even better. Stay connected to your body, mind and spirit, because life's journey is truly more fulfilling when you are putting your best self forward.

feel better, live well


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