Bored or Stir Crazy? Some creative inspiration and ways to make a difference

It’s ok to feel bored. Breathe it in and appreciate it.  There will be times in the future when you will crave that feeling.  Once you acknowledge how you feel, set some intentions.  Here are some ideas to activities to try next time you feel bored.  

-Solve a problem: Even if it is just a small problem (always loosing the remote) find a point of frustration in your life and figure out a solve. (Velcro the remote, download the Roku app remote). Do a "pain point" audit of your home or workspace and find some problems to solve.   This can help you feel a small sense of control and make your space more productive/pleasant.

-Declutter: Nothing can help free up mental energy more than getting rid of physical stuff.  Organize your socks next time you watch Netflix or tackle your junk drawer.  Check out Marie Kondo for inspiration or sign up for a virtual organizing session with Organizing Boston. If you are in lockdown or self-quarantine, see this as a rare opportunity to really focus on your personal space. Learn about Feng Sui or think about how to optimize the way you use your space. 

-Get creative: Break out the watercolors and give yourself a 20-30 minute challenge.  Paint a coffee cup, your favorite plant or a bowl of fruit.  Short and sweet challenges will keep the pressure off while you explore and learn.  Paint an image from your photo album or from your favorite Netflix series. #tigerking challenge anyone? 

-Find about your history: “How did your parents meet? What was your great grandfather like?” Call up a family member and ask questions.  If you are curious about your family history check out

-Do a #challenge:  Whether it is learning a tiktok dance from your niece or seeing if you can soccer juggle your last roll of toilet paper #10touchchallenge.


-Help out: There are many resources available on how to help others and have a positive impact during this difficult time. First of all, follow local instructions, for many of us, the best thing we can do is stay home and help out online.  There are some resources for volunteer and donation opportunities on many sites: 

Red Cross

List of Non-Profits

Being alone or with limited social contact during social distancing can be a challenge.  It is also a great time for self-reflection, growth, and goal setting.  How are you using this down-time?