How to Create a Productive Morning Routine

It might be stressful to think about ways to create a more mindful space for yourself physically and emotionally. Your day is already long and busy enough, right? Having a habitual morning routine is just like stretching before a workout, a necessary precautions for the day! There are plenty of easy additions to make to your morning rejuvenating and energizing. By creating a productive routine that jumpstarts your morning, you give yourself energy and control to have a more mindful day.

Waking up With Natural Light

The first step that I took to create a rejuvenating morning routine was a simple one; wakeup to natural light. Light receptors in your eyes are able to tell your body whether it is day time to get up, or night time to go to sleep. I found that I would sleep later and have a less productive day when I would sleep with my blackout curtains and wake up with an alarm. The first few days that I tried sleeping with my blinds open, it was a change, but made me get up earlier, and naturally easier. This change might not seem like much, but creating good habits does not come with one huge leap, but with baby steps.

Ditch the Device and start moving

There are a number of tasks to do that will allow for a peaceful wakeup… none of these include checking your phone the second you wake up; this was a lesson I learned firsthand.  By prioritizing your devices, you create a distraction from having a productive day. Once you wake up, there is nothing better than a quick five-minute stretch.  Throw in some arm circles, toe touches and a downward dog pose and you will feel more awake and ready for the day.


Your body loses fluids while you sleep, so rehydrating first thing can help you get moving. Getting in the habit of hydrating when you first wake up can help ensure you stay hydrated during the day. The adequate daily intake is 2.7 liters for women and 3.7 liters for men. Everyone needs a different amount of water per day depending on age, gender, health status, activities etc. A personal favorite morning drink is Recoup's Cucumber Lemon Ginger Beverage. The tree water in recoup is proven to hydrate two times faster than water. This is the perfect boost to begin the day while feeling hydrated and fueled. 


(Cold) Shower Time!

Beginning the day with a shower is a big step in a morning routine that allows for a quick wakeup and blood circulation. A cold shower doesn’t sound the most appealing when you first wakeup, however the benefits are a complete game changer. You don’t need to go crazy and jump right in to the coldest temperature, but begin with warm comfortable water and begin making it gradually colder until you are in ice water for a couple minutes. The cold temperature will create an increased circulation in the body and make you more alert.

After showering, get dressed in an outfit that you feel confident in! Confidence is a huge part of having a healthy mindset. Confidence isn’t easy to attain, and no one is as confident as they seem. However, fake it until you make it! It may sound weird, but you can speak this into a reality. Say it, believe it, and embody it! Look in the mirror and recite everything you love about yourself, what makes you unique, anything that allows you to remember that your differences create beauty.

Head to the Kitchen

Now, it is time to eat! You’ve probably heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” and it is true. Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast allows you to have energy for the day and stabilize your metabolism. Oatmeal is a popular breakfast option that you can alter in many ways to create different flavors. Liezyl Jayne Strydom, a health and food channel on YouTube has many different recipes that are easy and delicious.

Get Out Your Pen and Paper    

 A good way to set your mind in a healthy and mindful space is by journaling. Journaling is an effective way to get in touch with your emotions. There is no specific way to journal which makes it even more freeing. Write about anything going on in your mind; your agenda for the day, last night’s dream, why you are stressed… write anything. By releasing and focusing on what is going on in your brain, it clears up space and forces thought process about topics you might not always speak about. Journaling is however therapeutic you make it, and there is no good or bad journal; it’s only for you.

Your Turn!

Now that you are awake, clean, hydrated, fueled, and mindful, you are ready to take on the day! It is not easy creating a morning routine that works for you but the only way to take a step forward is to try. If you find that a cold shower in the morning is nothing but painful, then don’t do it! You want to create a routine that allows you to have a good day. Remember to take baby steps while creating your morning routine and trust yourself.

If you want some further inspiration, morning routine vlogs on YouTube are fun to watch and a great way to add ideas to your routine. YouTuber “GainsByBrains” who is focused on fitness and healthy eating, has a video on her page “Productive and Calm Morning Routine”. There are many other videos on YouTube that will give you different inspirations to create morning (and night) routines!

Now, go have a good day, and if you want to create an equally rejuvenating night routine, look here!

 Article by Emma Brodie