Practicing Manifestation to Create a Positive Future: How to Start Manifesting

At recoup, we want to provide you with resources to help you on your wellness journey.  We've been hearing a lot of interesting perspectives on mindset and goal setting and we wanted to share the concept of manifesting.  Several of our team members personally use the practice and one, Emma, was willing to share a bit of her research and journey:

You might be sitting in your bed, thinking about all the possibilities in life and how you wish you could attain those. Let me introduce you to the practice of manifestation. I had heard of manifestation for a while now, through social media, blogs, and movies, but I never believed in this concept of manifestation… until I tried it. So, what is manifestation and how do you manifest? Keep reading to find out!

What is it?

Manifestation is using your desires in a way that makes them definitive in the universe through it’s higher spirit. The Law of Attraction belongs in your personal life; when you speak, think, write and visualize about what you desire in life, it creates a reality of those desires. Manifestation may seem like a broad concept that can’t simply work for everyone, which is what I thought. But, in order for manifestations to work is by investing time, thought, energy, and trust.

Manifesting is similar to praying, in the way that you are speaking to a higher power of the universe. However, this higher power does not relate to religion or anything specific, this is a personal higher power which is created and trusted by who is manifesting.

Visualize Perfection

Before thinking about which method to use while manifesting, it is important that you know what you are actually manifesting. There are many ways to begin this process, one of them being to write out a list of your perfect life. If you were to wake up tomorrow with everything you desire, what will that day look like? Who are you spending time with? Where are you? What do you look like? Most importantly, how do you feel? By writing out your perfect day as if it is a reality, you are able to get a better look at what you want to change about yourself today.

Personally, after I wrote out my perfect day and got to see what it is that I wanted to change, take away, or add to my life, I was able to make a bullet list of what I want to manifest ranging from money, love, friends, to family. I created this bulleted list going in desired order so I am able to spend more time manifesting what I want the most. It is equally as important to understand why you want this desire in order to connect yourself with it. 

Write... and Trust the Process            

Once you create a list of your desires, it is time to start manifesting. Before doing this, though, an important thing to know is that manifestation is not an overnight achievement; it takes time to create a connection with a higher power, and allow that power to attract with your desires and become a reality. While writing out your manifestations, these are to be written down and embodied as if they’re already true. For written manifestations to embody themselves, you must believe what you are writing and believe that a higher power is connecting with you as you write. Your method is not as important as your mindset while doing it; the important thing is to make your desires known to the Universe and a higher power. 

There are many techniques in each form of manifestation, but the bottom line is that you are shining light on your desires in a positive way to attract them to the reality. You can begin by writing or speaking a prayer, to allow yourself to reach a higher power connection. Manifestation is unique based on each person.

Speak your Truth

Another way to manifest is by speaking. Speaking aloud the things you want to manifest allows you to connect those desires to a higher power. A love manifestation that is popular is “I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me”. Obviously, it is not important how you word your manifestations, but it is important that whatever you are saying you believe. Speak your truth into place and the higher power will attract your desire to your truth.

 A friend of mine recently began manifesting her money and work life. She had been practicing writing these manifestations through story, repetitive writing, and affirmations of speech. About six weeks later, she was offered a job at Amazon for the summer. By speaking and writing this desire, embodying it as if it were true, and keeping a stable mindset through manifestation, this friend was able to create a truth out of her desires.

If you are looking for a binge-worthy Netflix series, The Secret is the perfect option for you. Rhonda Byrne's best seller, turned series, about the practice of manifestation. The Secret has a huge fan base that shares their own stories of manifestation that were accomplished after watching and learning more about the Law of Attraction. 

People may say that manifestation is fake, but it only needs to be real for you. This process is difficult to understand and begin, but it is crucial to keep your vibes high; The Law of Attraction will match the vibrations you put out into the world. Begin learning more about this topic through books or online, by trying methods of manifestation, and see how your life can change for the better from this spiritual connection with yourself and a higher power.

Author: Emma Brodie