Slay your workout, slay your recovery

Slay your workout, slay your recovery 

By Contributing Writer, Shannan Humes

You’re doing it, you’re crushing leg day (or core day or arm day.) The key is you are sculpting, burning and rebuilding towards your best physical self. And here’s the kicker – you are doing it the old-fashioned way (#notthiskindofoldfashioned) and it’s working. Your legs are shaking, but you’re standing tall. Awesome.

After a killer session, your workout isn’t over, it has just moved into a different phase: recovery. The next challenge is to not un-do the progress made and proverbial mountains climbed. Thoughtful recovery from a strenuous workout is key. After a series of squats, side lunges and circuit training, your body deserves the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins to recover stronger than before. Take a few moments to consider your goals and how your diet helps you get there. Are you happy with the results?  Maybe you’ve got it all figured out – with the “right” protein powder and supplements, or maybe you’re not quite sure what’s best to consume in this sea of health and wellness products. Consider fortifying your hard work with the plant-based power of adaptogens.

Foods and beverages containing naturally-derived adaptogens like turmeric, ginger and certain mushrooms, like shiitake and reishi, are a hit among wellness practitioners and training athletes alike. (adaptogens are food that are said to help the body resist stressors of all kinds, whether physical, chemical or biological.)

Follow up your workout with protein and a high-quality carb snack. Check out this article for recipes with 5 ingredients or less. Link.

 Below are a few more tips to help you recover like a champ!

  1. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep most of the time and especially after a day of increased physical exertion. In addition, fitness experts recommend resting for at least two days after muscle-group focused workouts.
  2. Soothe muscle soreness and inflammation with “adaptogenic” supplements, beverages and herbs like turmeric milk, ginger-based hydrating drinks (like Recoup), and of course lots of water.
    1. Side note Lay off the booze (as it promotes dehydration)…I’m talking to you post-workout happy-hour guy!

You’ve got it. Go get em’.