Virtual Volunteer Opportunities for Every Passion

No matter where you are, what you do, or how much time you have to give, you can always make a difference.

We have complied a list of remote volunteer opportunities in Honor of the National Day of Service, a tribute to the life and impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. held each year on MLK day.  An hour or two of your time can have an incredible impact on the lives of others.

At Recoup, one of our core values is connection: connection to oneself, to each other and to the Earth. In honor of The National Day of Service, our founders are connecting with the community: giving their time to volunteer and encouraging the Recoup interns and extended network to do the same.

Our List of Online Volunteer Opportunities for Every Passion

If you love: Travel, culture and global impact

Check out: United Nations

If you would like your volunteer project to reach beyond borders, you can look at opportunities through the United Nations.  They have projects ranging from translation, to art and design, to COVID-19 response.

If you love: Helping people in crisis

Check Out: Crisis Text Line

Put your texting to good use. If you are the friend that everyone turns to in their time of need, you might be a great fit for this. Volunteers use skills including active listening, collaborative problem solving and safety planning to help people through difficult times. This program asks for a minimum commitment of 4 hours per week; Volunteers will be trained on how to respond and engage with those in crisis.  

If you love: Watching the Nature Channel

Check out: Instant Wild

Instant Wild features live video streams of animal habitats and conservation areas from around the world.  You assist conservationists by watching and tagging the animals you see walk across the screen.  You also get a window into some of the wildest places on earth.

If you love: NYC and all the people who make it an amazing melting pot

Check out: NYC Service

The city of New York has an online platform for service opportunities.  If you are a New Yorker who would like to give back to your community this can be an amazing way to have an impact.  Programs include “mentor a first-generation college student” “create social media content” and “volunteer tax prep.” Recoup is a New York based company, so we love the opportunity to help our neighbors thrive.

If you love: Creatures great and small

Check out:

Decipher humpback whale vocalizations, track fish populations or translate field notes on rare botanicals.  There are a variety of projects that can help you connect to nature without stepping outside your door.

If you love: Supporting youth-led causes and grass-roots movements

Check out:

Do Something is a youth-led movement for good.  They have easy-to-join, often community-led projects that range from making masks to pairing up with a senior citizen to combat loneliness.

If you love: Dogs or cats (or both)

Check out: Best Friend Animal Sanctuary

It doesn't matter if you are a dog person or a cat person, there are furry friends everywhere who could use your help. Best Friends has a large network of local programs as well as virtual opportunities. In-person opportunities include fostering pets or helping at local shelters, and virtual opportunities include calling for donations, helping with administrative tasks and raising awareness. 

If you love: Equality and racial justice

Check out: Color of Change

Color of Change is the Nation's largest racial justice organization.  They send their newsletter subscribers tangible actions to take in the aim of racial justice. They recently helped get the Fair Play Act passed that compensates college athletes for their time and dedication to the sport and allows them certain protections. They also have been a force behind Facebook conducting a civil rights audit and changing its White Nationalist Policy.

If you love: History, Arts & Science

Check Out: Smithsonian Volunteers

You can find amazing opportunities through Smithsonian Volunteers that align with your knowledge and passions.  One project is called the Encyclopedia of Life, the goal of which is to have one resource where you can learn about every living thing on the planet, from the tiniest insects to the largest living species.  Volunteers gather and organize data to support this amazing initiative.

If you love: Helping kids thrive

Check Out: No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry ends to aim child hunger in America.  They have many in-person opportunities, but an easy way to get involved from home is to be an advocate. Their site shows you how to contact your local government officials and ask for programs that help feed hungry kids to be put in place, continued or expanded.

Still searching? We've got you covered.

Check out: Volunteer Match

If you don’t know where to get started, Volunteer Match can be a helpful resource.  Choose your passion areas and your time available and the algorithm with show you volunteer opportunities that could be a great fit for you. 

Donations keep the lights on for non-profits!

Another way to give back when you are short on time is to donate to the causes that you care about. Donate without spending a dime: One simple thing that everyone should do is set up Amazon Smile with the charity of your choice. Use the amazon smile browser every time you make a purchase on Amazon and Amazon donates on your behalf at no charge to you.

p.s. from Susan

My Amazon Smile is set to give to the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA, which benefits a cause very near and dear to my heart, YMCA Camp Hi-Rock. Hi-Rock align with Recoup’s mission by championing connection of the mind, body and spirit and by building strong communities.  They provide children and families with teamwork/leadership programming, skill building, wellness education and access to nature with programs that are truly life changing.  Their sliding scale and financial assistance ensure everyone has access to programs, including swim lessons and sleepaway camp.