10, 15 and 20-Minute Barre and Pilates At-Home Workouts

We love a great, quick workout.  It can be an excellent way to start your day. A brief 10-20 minute workout can increase body awareness, kick-start metabolism and help you feel energized for the day to come.  A quick Barre or Pilates session is a great option if you want to roll straight from you workout onto a zoom call without breaking a sweat.  

If you struggle to workout in the morning it can also help to get right into these without even changing out of PJ's.  These workouts are apartment friendly and require little to no equipment. If you want some new gear to mix up your routine, check out our blog on affordable, apartment-friendly workout equipment.

10-Minute Barre Workouts (videos)

10-Minute Barre Workout from Pop Sugar

All you need is a bar stool or high back chair to hold on to.  I did this 10-minute workout yesterday and I could feel it in my legs right after. It was such a great way to start of the morning that I tried it again today.

Here is one focused on the core from Pop Sugar Barre Core Work-out

15-Minute Pilates Workout (video)

The reviews rave about the intensity of this 15-minute Pilates workout from Well+Good.  All you need is a mat and a little time between zoom calls. The video is easy to follow.

Here are some reviews:

"LOVED IT! Clear instructions, straight forward exercises, challenging and a pleasant!"

"I've been doing this twice a week for the past 4 weeks along with a resistance lower body workout once a week and I've noticed such a difference in my core! It's a great feeling to be able to go lower and lower without all the shaking i was experiencing before."

"I just found this during the corona virus lockdown to workout to - challenging and great instructions!"

20-Minute Full Body Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Check out our article with this great 20 minute workout.  This one may leave you a little sweaty, so give yourself a few minutes to freshen up before diving into the workday. 

If you prefer a video, check out this low impact, sculpting Total Body Barre Workout.


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