Creating a Relaxing Night Time Routine

By Emma Brodie

After a long day, it is important to prioritize yourself! Just like the morning, it’s important to create a positive and relaxing nighttime routine. Decompressing after a long day is crucial to maintaining a mindful and healthy state. Creating a night routine that fits is difficult but can be life-changing with patience and practice. Let’s get to work!

After creating my morning routine, the last thing I could think about was another routine to plan. Prior, all I wanted to do after a long day was rest and go to bed. Finally, I was able to get through my desire to just fall asleep, and decided to devote my time to making myself better and happier. Once again, just like the morning routine, there is no exact formula to create this, you need to figure out what works for you.


Before making a night routine that worked for me, I had always had trouble falling asleep. I would spend a lot of time of my phone, but it down and expect to fall right asleep. If you are trying to use your phone less, it doesn’t mean you move all your day time usage to the nighttime. One of the first steps that I took to create a healthy night routine was to charge my phone on the other side of my room; this way, I won’t be distracted with it in my bed and it will get out of bed quicker to turn the alarm off… it’s a win win! In place of moving my phone, I found myself staring at the wall to fall asleep, which I also didn’t like. So, what do you replace with your phone?

I began researching books that would add to my self-care journey. The first book I got to read was Atomic Habits by James Clear which is about creating and canceling good and bad habits in your life. This was a great switch out for my phone, as it was making me think about the other bad habits I can limit. After the first few days reading with my phone away at night, I felt more clear headed as I fell asleep. I finally got it through my head that whatever is on the phone now, will be there in the morning. Reading is a great habit to add to your night time routine because it allows for your consciousness to move to another plane, meaning sleep comes naturally easier when reading. 

Care for your skin

The next step I took in creating my night routine was taking better care of my skin. Skin-care is a broad topic that is hard to get into; there are endless products to buy that range in price and results. I began by searching “Skin type quiz” on Google, took a few quizzes and I learned what skin type I had, what products would help maintain healthy skin, and different brands to try. Try out Y'OUR Skin Analysis to learn more about what products your skin might need. This was such a helpful first step to take before entering the (sometimes intimidating) world of skin-care. I ordered a few products online that were affordable with good reviews, and within days I started to see results. Skin-care made its entrance to my night routine and was a success!


Another option to add to your night routine is meditation. Meditation is a popular practice that allows you to decompress and connect with yourself without disruption. Meditating before bed puts you into a state of relaxation and clears your head before going to bed. There are many ways to meditate and each one has its own benefits; read our Meditation article to learn more about what practice would be best for you. 

Hydrate Yourself             

The final addition I made to my nighttime routine was to drink some water and a glass of tea while I read my book. It may seem obvious to add hydration to your routine, but often times I forget to hydrate before bed, leaving me extremely dehydrated in the morning and unable to catch up with my water intake. There are plenty of health benefits from drinking tea along with hydration. Chamomile tea, for example is known to improve sleep and relaxation. Of course, remember to drink decaffeinated tea! Sometimes I like to heat up a cucumber + lemon + ginger recoup.  I put it in a mug in the microwave for 30 seconds and its a great stomach-settling evening drink.

Find a Rhythm

It is important to keep your routine in a rhythm that way it will come naturally each night. You can easily create a pattern in different ways, one way I do this is by writing out each part of the routine and following that until I am able to do it without looking at the list. Turning off electronics and going to bed and waking up at the same time each day creates a schedule that comes naturally. 

Invest in comfort

Make your bed a little slice of paradise.  Invest in nice linens that keep you comfortable, but not too warm. Little indulgences like a silk pillowcase, a special nightstand for your books or an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with calming lavender can help add a sense of ritual to your routine.

Catch some ZZZ's

Hopefully you have some new ideas for your nighttime routine, or were able to think of different ideas. Creating a positive night routine sets up an organized and more relaxing day following. Remember that everyone’s routines will be different, but the only way you will know what works for you is to try it!