Experience Taste NY at the Long Island Welcome Center

Just a few weeks ago, we made a very exciting delivery out to Long Island. Road-trippers can now enjoy a vibrant and refreshing bottle of recoup at the Long Island Welcome Center’s Taste NY Market, located in Dix Hills at 5100 Long Island Expressway Eastbound, between exits 51 & 52.

The Welcome Center is a great place to stop when traveling out to the east end of LI - not only for a drink and a snack, but it also provides travelers a unique learning experience that allows visitors to gain an appreciation of what the region has to offer. The Taste NY program, launched in 2013, creates a unique venue for local producers to showcase their products through events, retail locations, and partnerships, encouraging New Yorkers to eat-local and drink-local. We are so excited to be a part of Taste NY because, along with recoup, there are a number of other New York start-ups featured in the program, highlighting many of the local and unique foods and beverages grown and produced in the great state of New York.

Taste NY partners with over 1,800 New York State farmers and producers, offering their products in their various markets throughout the state. It has been so amazing to have this opportunity for expansion out on LI, allowing us to share our delicious and healthy product and message to a larger radius. We encourage travelers to LI to make a stop at the Long Island Welcome Center and experience for themselves the delicious homegrown goodness of Taste NY. For more information on Taste NY visit https://taste.ny.gov .