Fall Day Trips Near New York City

red apples in wood crate

Looking for an escape from the city? Fall is here and we've got a list of destinations that are perfect places to go for views of red, orange foliage. 


1) Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard 

Fly Creek Cider Mill & Orchard is located in Central NY and it's your one stop shop for all things apple related. Take a tour of the historic mill to learn how apple cider is made, sample hard cider and apple wine, and have a picnic on Mill Pond's lakeside with pot roast sandwiches from the on-site bakery. Don't forget to grab a bag and fill it up with your favorite apples to take home.

2) Masker Orchards 

Apple picking is the quintessential fall must-do activity. Head on up to Masker Orchards in the Hudson Valley where you can pick your own apples and have a picnic among the apple trees. When you're done out on the orchards, pick up some apple pies, apple cider donuts, and apple cider!

3) Appalachian Trail on Bellvale Mountain

Hiking is a great way to stay connected to nature and get some amazing pictures of fall foliage. The Bellvale Mountain is located in Harriman State Park and just a 90 minute drive from the city. The trail is a challenging 6 miles long. The hike runs along the ridge of the mountain and there are many steep outcrops of rock to climb over. You'll end off the hike on top of the mountain with breathtaking views of Greenwood Lake and Sterling Forest. For more fall hiking spots in and around New York City, check out our other blog post.

4) Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse

Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse is located in Milford, NJ. Sign up on their website to take an hour long tour of the farm. It's recommended that participants wear sturdy footwear as there is some trekking involved. The tour includes an overview of their facilities as well as a hike out to the pastures to see the cows. Help support the farm and bakehouse by picking up some cheeses, milk, cookies, or wood-fired bread.

5) Roadtrip in Connecticut

The Connecticut River runs through four states (CT, MA, NH, VT) and you could spend a full two days driving along it. If you're looking for a shorter trip, drive through the lower Connecticut River Valley. Start your roadtrip near the town of Essex, CT and make your way along Route 9 up towards Hartford, CT. Make a few stops for food or fun activities at these places:

  • Bun on the Run: Before you leave Essex, grab an "Avocado Melt" breakfast sandwich or a grilled panini from their lunch menu.
  • Goodspeed Rail-Bike Adventure: Pedal a rail-bike along railroad tracks for a scenic 9.5-mile roundtrip along the Connecticut River. The starting point is at Goodspeed Station in Haddam, CT.
  • Cockaponset State Forest: Explore one of Connecticut's largest state forests totaling 17,000 acres. Although swimming is closed to the public right now, you can still hike one of their many trails.

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