5 Fitness Influencers on Instagram That Keep Us Motivated

Here at recoup, we are all about feeling good and staying active, but we know that can be a challenge during quarantine. Luckily, we’ve found a couple of influencers who make fitness fun in the comfort of your home.  

1.) Candace L. Taylor (@candeeshoppee)

Candace has become one of our favorite fitness instructors since we discovered her upbeat livestream class on 305 Fitness [@305fitness]. Her energy in class is boundless and totally inspiring. On the side, you’ll see her engaging with her followers, sharing motivational messages, and striking a pose. We love to see it, Candace!

2.) Crystal (@clipoutcrystal)

 Crystal keeps us updated on all things Peloton [@onepeloton]. Classes? You’ve got it. Apparel? She’ll wear it. Peloton in the news? She’ll share it. Throughout all of these updates, she makes time for Peloton workouts and shares her progress with her followers. You’re a champ, Crystal!

3.) Zack T (@zthmpsn)

Zack caught our eye as a yoga instructor at Lyons Den Power Yoga [@lyonsdenpy]. We’re fans of the studio, so we stalked his page and he’s just as captivating. We love how open and authentic he is. Whether he’s continuing his yoga journey, living life, and/or loving his husband, we’re hooked! Zack, you’re the real MVP!

4.) Jamie Hess & Family (@nycfitfam)

Jamie and her beautiful family find innovative ways to keep us in shape. They share updates on their next athletic adventure and nutritious meals that always catch our eye. Did I mention she has a podcast called ‘Off The Gram Podcast’ [@OfftheGramPodcast]? Keep it up, Jamie!

5.) Alexis Reed (@flecksoflex)

Alexis reminds us that there are so many ways to practice wellness. Her workouts are diverse, ranging from yoga to outdoor hiking, and she’s always testing out the next consumer brand to re-fuel our body. She recently asked her followers to “Practice Self-Compassion” and that’s something we always preach. Thanks Alexis!

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