Siwat's Reading List

It's safe to say that Susan and I are students of life. We eagerly reflect on our life’s experiences, as well as those around us in order to help us become better day by day. One of my passions is reading. Reading is my personal escape, and the books that I gravitate towards allow me to reflect, reset, and reconnect. Many of the books I’ve read books align with recoup’s mission of helping people feel better and live well.

Over the years the books that I identify with the most tend to be based around one of our core values which is “to be connected” connect to yourself, to your environment, and most importantly to others. Below is a list of books that I’ve read and reread multiple times.  As another way to connect, I’d like to share the list with our community. If you’ve read any of these books before I’d love to hear your thoughts on them. If you have any suggestions for similar books, please don’t hesitate to send us a note or share them with the recoup community.


Leadership and Self-Improvement

  • Simon Sinek - Infinite Game
  • Ryan Holiday - Ego is the Enemy 
  • Ryan Holiday - Stillness Is the Key

    Great Companies and Company Cultures

  • Steve Hindy & Tom Potter - Beer School 

    The Human Experience

    Start-Up Life

    If you have any recommendation for books you think we would like, please pass them along! or comment on our instagram page.