Self-Care for Your Zodiac Sign

Haven’t you always wanted to have a self-care list specifically made for you? I know I have! In Astrology, sun signs are said to have impact on personality, which gives us insight to who we are and how we think. Although there is much more to astrology then just your sun sign, this is a great place to start! Read about each zodiac and different ways to take care of yourself based on your sign.  Let us know if some of these resonate with you! Whether or not you are into astrology, it can be a great tool for self-reflection!

Aries- Massage

First, we have our Aries babies born between March 21st and April 20th. The fiery Aries; a strong leader who is able to manage and organize others. You are the outgoing one of your friends and you fight for what you believe. This can take a turn at times when your impatience and competitiveness get the best of you. When an Aries needs to vent, they will, and it can sometimes get a bit too aggressive. It is important that Aries take their recharge time seriously, or else they will burn out too quick. A good way for an Aries to recharge is with massages; which can lower blood pressure, release stress, and decompress muscles. 

Taurus- Art

Next, we have our Taurus’ born between April 21st and May 21st. Taurus’ are reliable, responsible, and loyal beings making them great partners in work. Taurus encompass the beauty in everything, especially the beauty of nature. Often times, stubbornness comes into play as a key weakness of a Taurus. Being stubborn often leads them to be possessive and uncompromising. One way a Taurus can practice self-care is through art, whether that be redecorating your room, painting a picture, or reading a book. There are many fun ways to redecorate that can relieve stress. Taurus’ find stability in beauty and art, so it is important that they decompress with their artistic creativeness. 

Gemini- Yoga

As the weather is getting warmer and summer is approaching, our Gemini’s are out to play. Gemini’s are born between May 22nd and June 21st. Geminis are gentle, affectionate, and social people but have a serious and restless side that can suddenly come out. Geminis can sometimes be inconsistent in their thinking because of a restless mind. This leads them to seem two-faced, as if they have a split personality. Practicing yoga will allow Geminis to center themselves and their thinking. Check out Recoup's Beginners Guide to Yoga to learn more about how to begin! 

Cancer- Journaling

Next are our Cancer babies, ruled by the Moon. If you know astrology well, you know that the moon controls emotions; Cancers are pretty emotional people. Born between June 22nd and July 22nd, Cancers are caring, romantic and dedicated beings that have a knack for convincing people, which is not always a good thing. Cancers are emotional people who often become over-sensitive, manipulative, and moody. One way that Cancers can practice self-care is by journaling; journaling allows for people to release emotions easily instead of building them up and exploding with emotions.

Leo- Exercise

Time for our ambitious Leo babies; born between July 23rd and August 22nd. Similar to the sun, Leo’s are happy, social, confident and adventurous. It is hard to take a Leo out of the spotlight, as they are often times egotistical, dramatic and a bit attention seeking. One way for a Leo to practice self-care is to exercise; get out some of your energy in a productive and healthy way rather than use it all in a social setting!  Make sure you build up endurance rather than pushing your body too hard, too quickly.  Include time to cool down and add a recoup to your recovery plan so your body can reset before you jet off to your next activity.

Virgo- New Hobbies

Next we have our Virgos, born between August 23rd and September 23rd, Virgos are modest, intelligent, respectful, and kind beings. Virgos are our grounded and practical friends, yet they sometimes become a bit too reserved. Virgos often criticize themselves and those around them while analyzing most things making them perfect. To practice self-care a Virgo will have to step out of their comfort zone; this might seem scary, but even a tip toe out of your comfort zone will work wonders! Beginning new hobbies like sewing, pottery, or cooking will give Virgos a new and creative activity to do in their free time rather than their normal schedule.  

Libra- Affirmations

We now look at our Libras, born between September 24th and October 22nd. Libras represent harmony and balance in their relationships being the friendly, honest, social and loving beings they are. This embodiment of harmony is often disrupted with our Libra’s indecisiveness and lack of confrontation. One way that a Libra may feel more decisive and in control is by practicing affirmations. Power often comes from words that resonate with us, by repeating affirmations and mantras a Libra can center themselves with a stronger fist. Check out our article on manifestation to learn more about how to begin. 

Scorpio- Animals 

Then, there are Scorpios, born between October 23rd and November 21st. Scorpios are determined, passionate and assertive people who thrive as individuals. Scorpio’s have their emotional sides often, but do not show it through their intense being. Often, Scorpios become secretive, mysterious yet controlling which makes it hard for them to get advice from others. Scorpios can practice self-care through animal therapy which allows them to connect with another being without overwhelming their individualistic sides.

Sagittarius- Nature 

Next are the Sagittarius (Sag for short) born between November 22nd and December 22nd. A Sag is a funny, energetic, optimistic, and free spirit who never has a dull moment. Sag’s will often embody freedom a bit too much which leads to recklessness. Sag’s enjoy pleasing people, but this often leads to broken promises. By exploring nature, Sagittarius people can explore their freedom and leave other people’s issues to the side while they focus on their own Sagittarius needs.

Capricorns- Reading

Capricorns are next, born between December 23rd and January 20th. Capricorns are hardworking and persistent people who are a bit obsessed with success. They are ambitious people with a caring and protective side. Often times this can seem boring and emotionless to others. One way for a Capricorn to practice self-care is by reading. Reading allows to disconnect with the stress of the outside world and connect with emotions which can be hard for our hardworking Capricorns. Check out our Co-Founder, Siwat's Reading List for book recommendations! 

Aquarius- Cleaning

Between January 21st and February 19th we have our Aquarius babies! Aquarius’ are social beings that aren’t afraid to be original. They deeply care for those around them and are good and deep listeners. However sometimes this comes off as being weak and detached from themselves. Often, Aquarius’ become bored and rebellious which can lead to some bad decisions. One way for an Aquarius to practice self-care is by cleaning. Cleaning can be a great stress reliever and you can even incorporate mindfulness into the act of cleaning.

Pisces- Music 

Finally, we have our Pisces babies born between February 20th and March 20th. Pisces’ are compassionate, gentle and friendly people who aren’t afraid to show you their emotional side. Pisces tend to over trust others which can lead them into a co-dependent situation. One way for a Pisces to practice self-care is through music. Music will allow a Pisces to put their emotions into something else rather than themselves or their dependent. There are many ways that music can relieve stress and create a more positive outlook.

by Emma Brodie