#DryJanuary: What to drink when you are not "drinking"

Alcohol consumption is on the decline in the US and more people than ever are looking for healthy alternatives to booze.  Whether you are trying #DryJanuary, cutting back for personal reasons, or being mindful of what you put into your body, it is easier than ever to find great non-alcoholic drinks.  Here are a few of our top pics:

For the home mixologist

If you like experimenting with different flavors, consider investing in a soda stream and a set of cocktail bitters.  We love the Scrappy's Bitters cardamom flavor.  Add the bitters to plain seltzer with a squeeze of citrus or mix it up with exotic juices like blood orange or blueberry. Garnishes like mint sprigs, sea salt, or candied ginger can add dimension and a little flourish to your creations.

My favorite soda stream creation is super-simple: 8oz of carbonated water, a splash of tart cherry juice and a few drops of maple syrup. 

For the athlete

recoup bottle and yoga athlete

If you work out regularly, try a drink that helps tend to those sore muscles.  recoup is a plant-powered hydration and health drink.  Every bottle has 2 teaspoons of organic ginger, the amount clinically proven to promote post-workout muscle recovery.  The product combines perky organic ginger with juice and hydrating maple water for a taste that is sophisticated enough to replace your favorite cocktail but refreshing enough to drink after spin class.  Ginger also promotes immunity, so it's the perfect drink to keep you in the game when the rest of your office is down for the count with the winter sniffles.

For the night owl

You may be used to having a glass of wine to “wind down” at the end of a long day. Consider a drink that can help your natural melatonin production like tart cherry juice or a supplement to relive stress like Moon Juice Dream Dust. These supplements use adaptogens, including Ashwagandha and Chamomile, which have been shown to relive tension and promote deep rest.

For the home-brewer

I have personally experienced mixed success with "make your own kombucha kits," so I recommend this only to people who have predictable schedules and apartment heating that isn’t controlled by your pre-war building. (As I’m writing this it is 82 degrees in my apartment and the windows are open.) Brewing your own kombucha is a fun experiement and will definitely give you an appreciation of the craft. Try this DIY kit from Brooklyn-based Farm Steady.

Have any awesome alcohol-free recipes to share or #Dryuary tips?  Send along to info@recoupbeverage.com